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Workshop of Writing Chinese Spring couplets

Learning Objectives

Writing Chinese characters is one of the most important foundations of Chinese learning, and its most well-known cultural activity is writing Chinese couplets. Writing Chinese spring couplet is the representative Chinese culture activity of Chinese New Year. Through the workshop of Chinese spring couplet, students will not only apply the knowledge and skills of writing Chinese characters but also experience the art of Chinese calligraphy, get in the Chinese New Year atmosphere and comprehend the Chinese culture deeply.

  1. Introduce Chinese spring couplet
  2. Introduce Chinese calligraphy
  3. Writing Chinese spring couplet
  4. Present your “masterpiece”
  5. Jeopardy: Challenge of Chinese Characters


Who and When

  1. Participants: 
    1. International students
    2. Accommodate maximum of thirty persons
  2. Time: 18:00-20:30, December 04 (Wednesday) 
  3. Location: Lecture Hall, Center of Language Studies, at Library & Information Building
  4. Registration: Until December 2, 2019  Click here to Register 


What to learn and do in the workshop

  1. Analyzing the structures of Chinese characters
  2. Reading and writing Chinese characters
  3. Increasing learners’ motivation in learning Chinese characters
  4. Experiencing the cultural activity of Chinese New Year


1 to 3 bonus points for Chinese courses will be awarded to those who participate in the entire process of the workshop, without early excuse.



時間:2019/12/04(三) 18:00~20:30



  1. 能分析漢字結構
  2. 能識寫漢字
  3. 增加漢字學習動機
  4. 了解中華文化


  1. 春聯緣起與簡介
  2. 書法教學及練習
  3. 春聯書寫實作
  4. 作品展示
  5. 漢字大挑戰


全程參加者可獲華語課程獎勵積分(課程期末加分1-3 分)



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