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W1 Assignment for GE English Courses



  1. Bring your textbook (blank; no copied): Start Up 1 
  2. Bring A4-sized (loose-leaf) notepaper
  3. Preview Unit 1 (p.6 – p.10) and do the followings:
    預習Unit 1
    • Read the passage on p.8 for main ideas and important details
    • Do ALL grammar and vocabulary exercises (including p.95~p.96 Unit 1)
    • Look up unfamiliar words in the dictionary for definitions and pronunciations
      查單字 (定義及發音)
    • For the listening parts, read the information and questions to find out what the talk or conversation is probably about. We will listen to them in class during the first 2 weeks. After then, the audios will be uploaded to ecourse for your reference.
  4. We will have a task (2%) relevant to Unit 1 Preview




  1. Bring your textbook (blank; not copied): Intelligent Business (Pre-Intermediate)
  2. Bring A4-sized (loose-leaf) notepaper
  3. Preview Unit 1(p.8-12) and do the followings:
    • p.8-9: Read Reading 1 & Reading 2 and answer questions
    • p.10-13: Finish vocabulary and language check practices (Vocabulary 1&2, Language check, Listening 1 & 2 and exercises)
  4. We will have a task (2%) relevant to Unit 1 Preview



  1. Bring the book (blank; not copied): Hemispheres 2
  2. Bring some A4-sized loose leaf papers to class for the task next week
  3. Preview (p.2-8)
    • Practice for all of the exercises.
    • Look up words/phrases you don’t know (Check definitions/pronunciation).
    • Comprehend the passages and read them aloud.
  4. Be prepared for a task (2%) related to your preview in the class next week




  1. Bring the textbook (blank; not copied): Intelligent Business Skills Book (Pre-intermediate)
  2. Bring A4-sized (loose-leaf) notepaper to class for the task next week
  3. Preview Unit 1 and complete the exercises, including the listening audios
  4. Complete the preview worksheet given in the first class ("You're hired") and bring it to our 2nd class meeting.
  5. Prepare for a task (2%) related to Unit 1 preview & the assigned preview worksheet





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