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Competition of Chinese Express

A. Objectives 

To motivate International students to learn Chinese, Center of Language Studies hosts a team competition. This competition aims to encourage learners of Chinese to cooperate with each other, apply their language and cultural knowledge in Chinese, use Chinese to answer the questions, and understand the local culture deeply.

B. Participants and Time

 1. Participants: 
  (1) International students
  (2) A team of THREE, consisting of students from at least TWO different course levels.
  (3) Maximum TEN teams; first come first serve.

 2. Registration 
  From now to- May 21, 2018

 3. The competition will be held on May 23(Wed.), 2018, from 18:00 to 20:30.

For more details, please check the website: http://cls.ccu.edu.tw/contests/1062ChineseExpress/



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