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Competition of Language and Knowledge in Chinese

A. Objectives 

Vocabulary is one of the keys to improve Chinese reading comprehension and oral communication. To motivate International students to learn Chinese, Center of Language Studies hosts a team competition in Chinese word recognition. This competition aims to help students enlarge their Chinese vocabulary size, enhance their language skills, and exchange their learning experiences and enjoy Chinese learning through games and teamwork.  


B. Participants and Time

 1. Participants: 
  (1) International students
  (2) A team of THREE, consisting of students from at least TWO different course levels.
  (3) Maximum EIGHT teams; first come first serve.
 2. Registration 
  • Time: From now to- May 13, 2016

  • How to register: Download the registration form (http://cls.ccu.edu.tw/pdf/1042_Compet ... nChineseRegistration.docx), and then email the registration form to clcta@ccu.edu.tw.
 3. The competition will be held from on June 7, 2016, 18:00 to 20:30.


C. Learning Goals

 1. Pronunciation
 2. Word form
 3. Word meaning
 4. Radicals and parts
 5. Character structures
 6. Word formations


D. Competition Rules 

 1. The competition will be held from on June 7, 2016, 18:00 to 20:30.
 2. Stages of the competition: 
  (1) Preliminary: TWO rounds in this stage, FOUR checkpoints in each round. The FOUR teams with most points will advance to Semi-Finals.
  (2) Semi-Finals: Single-elimination tournaments. The TWO teams with most points will advance to Finals.
  (3) Final: PK competition. The team who earn the most points wins the champion.
 3. Question types
  (1) In Preliminary, the question types in checkpoints are Odd-out, Chinese riddles, Word in history, Word combination and so on.
  (2) In Semi-Finals and Final, you are going to play Jeopardy.  The 4 types of clues are “Chinese riddles”, “I know everything”, “Word combination”, and “Guess the Word”.
 4. You are going to respond to questions orally or in a written form.

  * More detailed directions will be given at the competition.


 1. The team that finished in the first place will receive the certificate of merit and the gift voucher of NT$ 1,500.
  The team that finished in the second place will receive the certificate of merit and the gift voucher of NT$ 1,200.
 2. Bonus points(5% of final score) will be awarded to those who participate in the entire competition: 
   • First place: 100 points
  • Second place: 80 points
  • Other Participants: 40 points




 1. 參加對象:
  (1) 本校國際學生
  (2) 三人組成團隊
  (3) 每隊組員必須包含不同級別課程的人
  (4) 最多八隊參賽,錄取之競賽隊伍以報名順序為主。
 2. 報名
  • 時間: 即日起至2016/5/13

  • 方式:於語言中心網頁下載報名表(http://cls.ccu.edu.tw/pdf/1042_Compet ... nChineseRegistration.docx),填寫完成後,將報名表寄到clcta@ccu.edu.tw
 3. 比賽時間:2016/6/7(二)18:00-20:30


 1. 字音
 2. 字形
 3. 字義
 4. 部首與部件
 5. 漢字結構
 6. 造詞能力


 1. 比賽時間:2016/6/7(二)18:00-20:30
 2. 競賽階段:分為初賽、準決賽及決賽三階段
  (1) 初賽為闖關積分賽,共兩回合,每一回合4關。總積分前四名者,晉級準決賽。
  (2) 準決賽為單一淘汰賽。得分最高的兩隊晉級決賽。
  (3) 決賽為PK賽,得分最高者為冠軍。
 3. 題型:
  (1) 初賽的題型包括:非我同類(Odd-out)、猜字謎(Chinese riddles)、古今一字(Word in history)、字中字(Word combination)等。
  (2) 準決賽與決賽以Jeopardy為競賽方式,共有四種題型,包括:猜字謎(Chinese riddles)、生活資訊王(I know Everything)、字中字(Word combination)、猜字遊戲(Guess the word)。
 4. 答題形式包括口語回答及書寫兩種形式。


 2.參與本活動可獎勵積分(Bonus: 5% of final score)
  • 冠亞軍團隊得獎勵積分:
  • 第一名:100 points
  • 第二名:80 points
  • 全程參加者皆獲獎勵積分參加獎勵:40 points




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