Center for Language Studies National Chung Cheng University

About Us

Center for Language Studies was established in 2003 September as the first-tier teaching unit with the aim of strengthening foreign language abilities of National Chung Cheng university (CCU) undergraduates and graduates.



Center for Language Studies (CLS) was established in 2003 September as the first-tier teaching unit with the aim of strengthening foreign language abilities of Chung Cheng university (CCU) undergraduates and graduates. Since its establishment, the CLS has provided English and other foreign language educational programs appropriate foe the needs of CCU students, staffs, faculty members, researchers, and other community members. Undergraduates, graduates, and staff can take advantage of language courses, special programs (learning camps and theme-based lectures), and consulting services. In addition, to provide the language education that prepares our students for facing the challenges in their career or advanced studies, the CLS offers a variety of continuous educational opportunities, including online learning courses and web-based language assessment system. Moreover, the CLS allows the self-test and placement to check their foreign language ability on their own. Currently, by cooperative learning project with several faculty members in education field at UCSB in United States (University of California, Santa Barbara) and developing its own curriculum, the CLS aims to be an institution devoted to helping students’ build cross-cultural understanding and developing multi-language abilities.

Currently, the CLS faces its 10 years after its foundation and has been recognized as "the Best of the year" during 2005 in building English-Friendly Environment by Executive Yuan, competing with all other universities in the country.



Educational globalization is fundamental for increasing the competitiveness of the CLS and other Centers for lanaguage learning in the country. CLS is now recognized as one of the best model that creates independent, self-learning, interactive nature of a multi-media language learning environment.

  1. To nurture high-qualified instructors and researchers possessing profound theoretical knowledge and applicable teaching experiences. 
  2. To present a development aim that leads the national competitiveness in providing high-quality foreign language curriculum and activities. 
  3. To provide a solid platform for the cultivation and development of technology and language learning.


The CLS now has one director, eight instructors and four administrative assistants to organize English learning programs: 1) to build up English abilities of all CCU undergraduates and graduates; 2) to develop educational resources, 3) to design and implement courses, 4) to establish English proficiency test system, 5) to provide English self-learning program and consulting services, and 6) to create an interactive multimedia learning environment.


I like simplicity. I believe, for students, there is only one major reason for receiving higher education—to learn learnability. With the belief, I believe there is one major goal for a language center in a university -- to educate the next-generation leaders or explorers who are responsible for promoting international understanding and cultural communication in the borderless global village. With the well-built language skills and insights, we can expect people can use “language as a communication media” for promoting knowledge exchange for the future of human being. While learning a new language, commitment is of paramount importance for a success learning experience. We don't ask ourselves "if I have time to take the course or to participate in an educational program?" What we really have to do is to "make time" for our learning and for our own future. No one else will be responsible for our future. Remember: keep it simple, show your commitment, and make time for yourself.