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Applied Language Studies

The Applied Language Studies (Certificate Program) is designed for non-English majors at Chung Cheng University who plan to make a commitment to improving their overall English (or other foreign languages) proficiency. Students in the program are required to complete 16 credit hours of English/Foreign language instruction. Participating students need to take at least one course per semester and will receive a certificate upon completion of the program.

Applied Language Studies (2018 Fall)
Course # Class # Course Name / Course Syllabus Class Period Language
1901405 01
English Integrated Reading & Writing Pre-intermediate (I)
Course syllabus
Thu. 14:10~16:00 EGP Y. Chen
1902106 01
English Listening Strategies Intermediate (II)
Course syllabus
Thu. 10:10~12:00 EGP Y. Yang
1902215 01
English Vocabulary & Reading Skills Intermediate (I)
Course syllabus
Wed. 16:10~18:00 EGP Y. Chen
1903424 01
English Business Communication High-intermediate (II)
Course syllabus
Thu. 13:10~16:00 ESP C. Lee
1903115 01
English Academic Note-taking & Presentation Skills High-intermediate (III)
Course syllabus
Tue. 13:10~16:00 EAP Y. Yang
1903437 01
English Academic Communication Skills High-intermediate (III)
Course syllabus
Fri. 10:10~13:00 EAP Y. Yang
1903439 01
English Academic Reading & Writing Skills High-intermediate (V)
Course syllabus
Tue. 10:10~13:00 EAP Y. Wu
1903101 01
English Academic Listening High-intermediate (I)
Course syllabus
Fri. 10:10~13:00 EAP L. Lin & C. Lee
1904101 01
English Academic Listening Advanced (I)
Course syllabus
Thu. 13:10~16:00 EAP L. Lin
1904203 01
English Vocabulary & Reading Advanced (I)
Course syllabus
Wed. 13:10~16:00 EAP L. Lin
1904301 01
English Academic Writing Advanced (I)
Course syllabus
Mon. 13:10~16:00 EAP C. Lee
1900501 01
Japanese Pronunciation & Word Usage Foundation
Course syllabus
Thu. 16:10~18:00 Japanese C. Hsu
1901511 01
Japanese Communication Skills Basic (I)
Course syllabus
Wed. 16:10~18:00 Japanese C. Hsu
1901532 01
Japanese Sentence Patterns Basic (II)
Course syllabus
Tu. 14:10~16:00 Japanese C. Hsu
1901533 01
Japanese Sentence Patterns Basic (III)
Course syllabus
Fri. 10:10~12:00 Japanese C. Hsu
1902515 01
Japanese Communication in Context Pre-intermediate (I)
Course syllabus
Wed. 10:10~12:00 Japanese C. Hsu
1902535 01
Japanese Vocabulary & Reading Pre-intermediate (I)
Course syllabus
Tu. 16:10~18:00 Japanese C. Hsu


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