For applicants: Students who would like to take the courses in the Applied Language Studies program need to apply for admission through the Center for Language Studies.


  1. Full-time students in undergraduate, graduate & doctoral programs
  2. Undergraduates who pass English courses in General Education
  3. Undergraduates who pass the English benchmark
    ** Undergraduates who extend their years of study have to pay tuition, according to regulations of the Academic Affairs Office of the university.


  1. STEP 1: Upload the application package: before the deadline
  2. STEP 2: Staple & Hand in hard copy of application package to the Center for language Studies

C. Application deadline: Two applications annually

  1. First-time application: 2017/5/8~5/19
    1) New applicants have to submit the required materials in the first time application.
    2) If not accepted for the first time, the applicants can re-submit with the revised version for the second time.
  2. Second-time application: 2017/8/14~8/18
    1) Only available for the new graduates or students who applied in the first time application but are not admitted

D. Submitting the application

Zip all the required files (saved as Student ID#_Name_als) and upload the zip file.
Then make a hard copy & submit it to the center.

  item information saved as
1 ALS application form(download: doc | odt)
update: 2017.5.2
Please download the latest version & complete the form for application id#_name_apply
2 English proficiency test certificate or score report
(Dated after 2014/5/7)
Please scan and save in PDF or JPG format id#_name_eng
3 CCU Transcript Directly apply in the Academic Affairs Office
Scanned & saved
Only for undergraduates (to check if two GE English courses taken)
4 Major, double majors or minors, in any Attach the regulations and credits earned id#_name_others

Uploading the file for application (only available during application period)

E. Admission

  1. The announcement will be posted in the website and the result will be sent by email individually. Contact the center if your result is not received on the date of announcement.
  2. If admitted, you have to submit a confirmation form to ensure your access to course system.